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Néret Avocat provides premier legal advice to business leaders, helping them successfully navigate a complex and ever-changing legal landscape.

The Néret Avocat firm supports managers faced with a multitude of legal and regulatory challenges in the daily management of their business. The firm provides strategic and personalized assistance, tailored to the unique needs of each client.

Our expertise covers a wide range of areas, including corporate law and corporate governance, commercial law and employment law.

For French executives


The Firm advises companies at each stage of their development. Thus, we support you in your creation processes, implementation of governance, daily legal monitoring and exceptional operations, restructurings (acquisition, merger, split, partial contribution of assets, dissolution), balance sheet operations.


  • Creation and support in the choice of the appropriate legal structure (drafting of legal documentation and monitoring of formalities)

  • Monitoring of the company's current operations (approval of accounts, transfer of headquarters, change of directors, current and regulated agreements, withdrawal of a partner)

  • Monitoring of more specific restructuring operations during the company's life (transformation, dissolution, liquidation, delisting, merger, partial contribution of assets)

  • Support in balance sheet operations (capital increase and reduction)

  • Support in acquisition and sale operations of companies and businesses (confidentiality agreements, letter of intent, protocol for the transfer of securities or businesses)

  • Prevention and treatment of business difficulties (ad hoc mandate, conciliation, safeguard, declaration of cessation of payments, judicial recovery, liquidation)

  • Advice to managers (status, responsibility, remuneration)

  • Assistance in the event of a dispute between partners


The Firm supports managers in their fundraising.


  • Audit of needs with the business manager (debt, intermediate financing)

  • Participation in negotiation operations between the parties

  • Preparation and monitoring of fundraising (capital increase, issuance of complex securities)

  • Implementation of management package (free shares, BSA-AIR, BSPCE, stock options)

  • Negotiation and drafting of associate agreements and in particular sensitive clauses (limitation of power, extended right of information, anti-dilution and ratchet, non-competition and exclusivity, leaver, pre-emption, approval, joint exit)

  • Management and resolution of crisis situations between partners


For the most complete support adapted to your specific needs and those of your company, the Firm provides legal advice for the effective management of your human resources. We understand that managing relationships with your employees is essential to the success of your business. Thus, we assist you in the implementation of your social policies and in the management of your labor disputes.


  • Drafting of solid employment contracts that comply with current legislation

  • Conflict management in the event of a dispute with an employee (negotiation, mediation or representation before the industrial tribunal)

  • Support in the planning and implementation of restructuring measures or layoffs (individual or collective)

  • Assistance in your collective relations (staff representative institutions, CSE)

The firm assists French clients in the context of their activities in France but also foreign clients who wish to expand, invest and develop in France.

For foreign executives


The Firm advises their foreign clients in their operations in France, while managing their legal risks.



  • Analysis of compliance with French regulations and development of the type of business structure (SARL, SA, SAS)

  • Support through the different administrative stages (company registration, obtaining visas, work authorization, opening a professional bank account)

  • Assistance, negotiation and drafting of commercial contracts with partners (sales, rental, commercial lease)

  • Management and resolution of commercial disputes before French courts


As a real estate transaction attorney, the Firm advises their foreign clients in their French real estate investment operations, while managing their legal risks.



  • Legal study of your real estate project

  • Analyzes the opportunity of real estate investment (study of financial data)

  • Assistance in investor relations

  • Study of investment taxation

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