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Assess your company's situation in three minutes

There are certain signs that should alert managers to the fact that their company's situation is deteriorating... But it's not always easy to ask yourself the right questions and look the situation in the face.

Ne pas faire l'autruche

To enable managers to react in good time, the legal profession has developed a self-diagnosis tool that we are happy to make available to you to help you assess your company's situation in 3 minutes.

Although the tool was developed at the end of the Covid crisis, the forthcoming State-guaranteed bank loan (known as “PGE”) deadlines and rising energy costs make this diagnosis even more useful today.

In France, a restructuring plan does not take place in three days... It is common to have to wait several months before all the effects can be felt and the company sees the framework of its activity stabilised.

Anticipating your company's difficulties is therefore a key factor in ensuring its long-term survival.

Try it for yourself and assess your company's situation by clicking here. Please note that the questionnaire is only available in French.

We're here to help you think things through and find appropriate solutions.


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